Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Please Review Cyndi's List

I need your help. It has just been brought to my attention that there are poor reviews about Cyndi's List on Alexa. It looks to me like they are old reviews too - from prior to the site upgrade. Also, possibly not long-term genealogists doing the reviews. I would appreciate any help you might give providing your own review of Cyndi's List. Look under the Reviews tab here: Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Just when I think I'm stuck up against a brick wall again I check Cyndi's List and find another link to check out. I've found some interesting tidbits and documents by using this site. Thanks, Cyndi.

Cheryl Mattingly

vickme said...

Your list is the go-to list for anything relating to genealogy! I have learned so much about genealogy from your list. It is the best on the net!

Boomette said...

On my toolbar, your site is right before When I started my search many moons ago you were, and still are, my go-to list. I've recommended your site to other seekers as well!