Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ancestry's Free Databases - More Than I Realized

I have a links category called Ancestry.com-The Basics. I created it a while back for several reasons: to draw attention to the numerous freely accessible resources available to everyone through Ancestry, and to point out how to subscribe and unsubscribe from their services (after hearing from people who stated they couldn't figure out how to do so).

In reviewing some of the many databases at Ancestry I noticed that they have highlighted several of them with a "FREE" tag next to the title. So, tonight I added a new section to my page for "Free Databases" and I started adding links. I have to say I'm really surprised how many there are. I just barely scratched the surface tonight, browsing through the first 900 out of 24,778. I didn't realize the number was so big. I have 29 new links to free databases already. Obviously I have more work ahead of me. In the meantime these links should keep you busy!

1 comment:

Ronald J. Jack said...

Thanks for that "heads up"
Cindi. I rarely use Ancestry.com as a source,
but I followed your lead and within minutes I found
several pieces of info that
will enhance one of my upcoming articles in our online journal - Canadian Military Biography.
Cheers! Ron Jack