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Evernote for Things Other Than Genealogy

[ATTN:  This article was originally published on 30 May 2014. It has now been moved here from the old blog host and it will require updating soon.]

Yes, people. There is a life outside of genealogy. I think. Following are the ways I use Evernote outside of genealogy.

  • One for me and for each of my other family members - my mom, my son, and my pets. I use them for a lot of things. I keep health-related articles and lists, book series I'm reading, and other personal lists. I keep track of my mother's computer stuff like which inkjet cartridge to buy for her. I keep track of my son's school stuff including upcoming college and scholarship applications. I have a copy of the user's guide for his new electric razor so that I always know what replacement blade to buy him and when to remind him to change it.
  • One for Recipes. I clip recipes online into this notebook and tag them with recipe category names like Appetizers, Beef, Chicken, Pasta, Salads, etc. An added benefit is that this notebook is automatically integrated into the Evernote Food app on my iPhone. So, I always have a recipe and a shopping list with me at the grocery store. https://evernote.com/food/ 
  • One for the Household. This one includes household maintenance to-do lists, reference material about household maintenance, a timeline of what household repairs I've done and how much they cost, holiday planning and lists, PDF copies of household product manuals (instead of keeping all those papers and books), and much more. Most useful recently: a chart I found online that told me which of the new light bulbs to buy that match an old 60w lamp.
  • One for Travel. Notes inside have packing lists, e-mails with flight information, itineraries, sight-seeing info, hotel confirmations, etc.
  • One for Computers. This one holds articles, tips and tricks I've run across, a list of my computers and hardware along with model numbers and serial numbers, ink jet cartridge numbers, etc. 
Things You Might Put in Evernote:
  • Grocery lists
  • Take-out menus
  • To Do lists for various areas of your life
  • A copy of your eyeglass prescription
  • A list of your pharmacy prescription numbers
  • A health note or notebook for each family member
  • A note with a list of all of your doctors with their contact information
  • A health notebook for yourself with a journal, lists of goals, and helpful articles
  • A spiritual/inspirational notebook with a journal, goals, quotations, articles, and ideas
  • Inventories of items in your household (i.e. tools, workbench, gardening, kitchen, books, movies, video games, jewelry, craft supplies, collections, etc.)
  • A notebook for your other hobby (who has time for another hobby outside of genealogy?)
  • A notebook for your garden to keep track of planting dates, fertilizing dates, seeds/plants used, etc.
  • A list of all of your magazine subscriptions, with expiration dates and prices
  • Receipts
  • Business cards
  • Membership/rewards cards
  • Clothing sizes
  • Pet vaccinations
  • Anything else that might unclutter your office, lighten your purse, and help you head more to a paperless life
Evernote Apps & Compatible Apps I Use:

Evernote for Every Genealogist

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