Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Process for Adding New Links

Here's a quick walk-through of what I do when I work on adding a new link to Cyndi's List.
  1. Check to see whether or not I already have the link somewhere on Cyndi's List.
  2. If I already have the link in question:
    • I check to be sure the URL (address) is up-to-date.
    • I check the title to be sure it is correct.
    • I check the description to see if I need to add or edit anything.
    • I check to be sure I have categorized and cross-referenced the link in the appropriate categories. Sometimes I find old links that need to be re-categorized since the last time they had been edited.
  3. If I don't yet have the link in question:
    • I visit the web site.
    • I check the URL (address) to be sure it is correct. 
    • I determine the correct title of the web site.
    • I determine the purpose of the web site.
    • I check and edit the description, if provided. If not provided, I find a quick description that I can use from the web site.
    • I determine the categorization I will use for the site. This is based on the topic and any localities for the site. I will cross-reference the link under as many categories as are appropriate. For example, a web site for a U.S. Civil War regiment from Iowa will be categorized under "United States » Iowa » Military" and under "United States » U.S. Military: Civil War » Regimental Rosters, Histories & Records: The Union » Iowa"
    • If a location is part of the categorization I have to determine the country, state, province, and/or county. This often means using an online tool to help me place the link under the correct location.
  4. Once I'm done adding or updating a link it will appear in the daily What's New on Cyndi's List. The What's New is also sent out daily to the Cyndi's List Mailing List.
Do you know of a web site that isn't yet linked on Cyndi's List? If so, Submit a New Link here: Please take the time to check Cyndi's List first and make sure the link won't be a duplicate submission. And, if possible, please submit a description for the link.

For links that are submitted through the form on the site, each day I first look for any that are inappropriate, non-genealogical, or duplications. I delete those and the public never sees them.

If you are a webmaster, you might want to read my past blog posts about using titles on web sites:

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