Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thanks to a Wonderful Volunteer

For the past few months I've had some invaluable help from a new friend online. I want to publicly thank Jeffery Mance, of Canada, for his consistent and unflagging attention to detail in reporting broken links to me for Cyndi's List. He has been methodically going through the pages for the United Kingdom, sending me the broken link reports and supplying updated URLs for the links whenever possible. He has also pointed out errors in link placement so that I could fix those as well. I'm working my way through all of these reports and extremely thankful that Jeffery has already done half of the work for me. Thank you, Jeffery!

If you want to report broken links you find on Cyndi's List, please see:

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Nicol said...

It is really appreciable. As a genealogist I feel good to know that some one came forward to help a renowned site. It is undoubtedly a noble work.