Monday, September 3, 2007

A Mini Rant

Things that are making me crazy today:
  1. People who submit links for their web "sights."
  2. People who refer to me as Cindy even when they quote my site's address
  3. People who submit their web site link over and over again (almost always vendors) despite my rules that ask for no duplicate submissions.
  4. Broken links (that really isn't news).
  5. A weird smell in my kitchen that I can't locate.
  6. My 23-year-old clothes dryer that takes forever, but refuses to die and give me an excuse to buy a new one.


Energetic Storyteller, Family Historian & Grebel Lover said...


I agree with your mini rant! Here are a couple I experienced today.

1) My last name is Bartkowski and is often misspelled as Bartowski. A new television program called "Chuck" begins soon and the main character is Chuck Bartowski. This will make the misspellings more common.

2) Most of my favorite tennis players are out of the US Open!

Anonymous said...

Cindi -

I thought my dryer was dying until I discovered that the vent had not been cleaned. My dryer isn't vented to an outside wall so the connection has a long way to go. Get a service to come out and clean the entire pathway to the outside and you just may be able to keep the dryer. The company I used found it mostly clogged with lint - no wonder it didn't work. They said it should cleaned every six months. Good luck!

New user of Cindi's List.

Dave Cook said...

Hey Cyndi - My washing machine requires user intervention twice per load :P I guess the bucket thing broke or something, but I have to open the top and close it to get it to spin. Sometimes I have to stand on one foot and turn around in a circle three times to get it to work! Drives me nuts, but I haven't been motivated to buy a new one yet.

Shameless plug alert. I'm having such a blast with my genealogy research! Have another look at my Wiki if you like (it's already been submitted to your site). The main pic is randomly generated. Cool, eh?

I just made contact with one of my dad's long lost cousins. She's 86. Her husband is 91. I had to write them a real letter because their phone number was unlisted. It felt so cool to get a letter back from them in my mailbox :) For an excerpt of the letter click here

Thanks for your site, Cyndi!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, reposts of sites are probably a nuisance. But I posted a link to a cemetery geolocations site 15 months ago, and it has never made it to the main part...and I wouldn't dare resub it! :-)