Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why I Shouldn't Have Started a Blog!!!

Yep. Now I know why I was so slow in getting around to doing a blog. Because it gives people one more way to not read what I write. Sigh. I'm afraid this blog might start to show my snarly side. That would be the side I show when I growl at my son, my niece, or my nephew---after which they promptly laugh at me. No one takes me seriously.

I've received a couple of messages here with requests for me to add links or fix links on Cyndi's List. That isn't what this blog is about. That isn't what any of my previous messages on this blog have been about. This blog is a place for me to talk to all of you. Share my thoughts. Share my ideas. Rant.

The web site has everything you all need to submit new links. There is a "Submit a New Link" link on EVERY page of my web site. In fact, there is a "Submit a New Link" link in the right column of this blog. -------------->LOOK!! LOOK over there! See it?!! grrrrrr

OK, Drew. Stop laughing at me.

And, every page on my site has a "How to Update an Existing Link on Cyndi's List" link in the left column under FAQ. And at the bottom of every category page there is a link to "Update a Link" on that page.

So, why do people still attempt to write to me about new links or updates for links at the read-only newsletter mailing list address? Or through this blog? Stop it. Please!

I'll tell you why I think this happens. The Internet, computers, and our instant-gratification lifestyle these days, have all made us into click, click, click, SEND people. We pretend we know how to speed-read by skipping half the words in a message, then promptly reply and hit the SEND button without really stopping to digest what we just read or what we just wrote. No one reads instructions. No one reads "about this web site." People just half-skippity-dippity read part of what is on the screen and then form an instant opinion or put something into action immediately. Then they toddle off to fix dinner or watch their favorite show. And what do I do? I spend several hours every day or evening reading, dealing with, fixing, or replying to the more than 200 half-skippity-dippity e-mails, mailing list posts, and now blog posts. As I am doing right now. And I should be fixing dinner.

I'm starting a campaign right now. Pass this on to all your genealogy buddies. This is the "I Promise to Carefully Read and Carefully Write Everything I Do Online" Campaign. Oh sure. That will work.

Really, Drew. Stop laughing at me. Get off the floor.



Randy Seaver said...


Rants are fun, aren't they? I sympathize with you - as you noted, folks found a more instantaneous way to contact you - they don't even have to open their email program!

Seriously, welcome to the genea-blogosphere, where rants are welcomed...but watch out for Drew - he has a way of 'splaining things that make you feel like you should not have done it - a voice of reason, I've found.

You're in my Bloglines so I won't miss a rant, er, a post of yours!

Cheers -- Randy at Genea-Musings

Drew Smith said...

Hey, I merely smiled... er... grinned... ummm... smirked a little.

OK, there *might* have been a guffaw buried in there somewhere.

Becky Wiseman said...

You have my sympathies as well. I have a website where I've posted indexes to death records, obits, and marriage records for Whitley County, Indiana. Each index has a page that explains how to order the records from that index but 9/10 of the emails I receive are ones that ask how to get the record. Very frustrating.

I usually respond, very politely, by giving them the link to the page with the information rather than telling them directly. Usually don't hear back from them so assume they found what they needed.

Welcome to blogging...

Cyndi Ingle said...

Becky - I've had that same problem with an article I wrote several years ago. It has been online forever:
How To Order Military & Pension Records for Union Civil War Veterans from the National Archives

So naturally I get e-mails from people all the time that say, "I saw your article do I go about ordering the pension files?"


Anonymous said...

Hey Cyndi,

Is this the place to request a link on your list? I suppose you probably have a way to do that on the list itself (I didn't bother looking), but I thought this way would be easier.

- Bruce (running for cover)

P.S. Congrats on your new blog. I'm looking forward to seeing the "real side" of Cyndi ;^)

Bubba said...

You want people to actually Read? My, oh my what a dream we have....

I have a beach house in Kansas if ya ever wanna move. You can smell the salty air and the sea breezes in the evening are exquisite.

Cyndi Ingle said...

Well, with Bruce & Michael here along with Drew we now have the entire peanut gallery.

Thanks for the giggles, boys!

Rev. Gruntfuttock said...

Aha! the time for gritting ones teeth and being very nice would appear to be over. Let off a little steam Cyndi, if it helps you to cope then go for it!
I am looking forward to your future comments.
Rev. Gruntfuttock.
(late of the 1st Khyber Rifles and Dads Army)

Anonymous said...

i totaly agree with you about people not reading anything. ten percent of all the problems i have to handle can be easily remedied if omly the person would read the instuctions/manul

Miriam Robbins said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Cyndi! I've been a fan of yours for years! Nice to have another Washingtonian genea-blogger on board.

cheryl said...


Everyone needs a place to blow off steam, this can be yours!!!! I think you do a terrific job helping those of us that love doing family history research.

Through your list I have received so many leads to further my research. Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work.

San Diego, CA

Mildred R Holmes said...

As my dad has finally learned- "When all else fails, read the directions."